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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Patent & Fur Haul

These items were all bought earlier this year so there is a chance you can find them on eBay, links are to help you find a bit more info on them.


Baby blue furry Topshop Jumper - eBay
These came in a few different colours, I recently picked up a lilac version too which can be seen in one of my posts. If you invest a bit of time searching under just 'Topshop jumper' on eBay you might be able to find one on the cheap. Sometimes people don't make use of the keywords and miss out on people being able to find their item.

PVC Caramel Brown Midi Skirt - H&M
This skirt is from the H&M premium 'Trend' range which I have loved for a long time. Here it is being worn on chictopia. Its not so easy to find online, but I've seen the 'nude' version on eBay.

'Mardi' Patent Shoes from Topshop
Here is an old listing from eBay with a few keywords to help you track them down. You can often pick up shoes quite cheap on eBay. I have a UK 7 pair and found them true to size, albeit...squeaky!

Soft Furry Blue Bomber Coat - Topshop
Boyfriend style zip up jacket as seen here very Monsters Inc

Silver/Grey knitted snood from H&M