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Friday, 1 August 2014

Foxy Locks Hair Extensions

I normally wear hair pieces when shooting pictures as I'm letting my hair grow out after much bleaching. I've got a natural shade of Dark Brown 400 in my hair at the moment and have invested in some clip in extensions for when I'm feeling a bit impatient.

Today I got my Foxylocks Hair Extensions in 'Darkest Brown' cut to fit with my current hair. They come in 20" pieces which some like to wear as they are. However my natural hair is about 14-15" long at the moment so I got them cut down to suit. I think it makes extensions look a bit more 'believable' if they are shorter and easier to manage too.

My hairdresser Paul at Uber gave me my usual trim and clipped these in for me. Considering I didn't want to feather my actual hair at the ends to suit the extensions he managed to blend them really well. Thanks Paul!

The best way to keep them looking natural without sacrificing your cut is to opt for curls and waves and consider putting them over one shoulder or styled half up if you want piece of mind when you are out and about.

The formation I've gone for is:
Nape of neck upwards
3 clip
4 clip
3 clip
Sides of head:
2 - 2 clip (left)
2 - 2 clip (right)

which left one 3 clip unused.

The extensions are really soft and great quality, these are 230g 'superior'. I have owned 2 sets in the past (other brands...can't remember the names) and these are the best so far I reckon, comfortable enough too.

Bell x

Before & After

Phone camera used: Google Nexus 5
Black and White striped dress is from Monki
Green dress is second hand River Island (eBay)