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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Ctrl Alt Believe

I bought this tee from For Human Peoples for my little brothers birthday present (he works for a technology company) and I got the Pikachu card on Etsy, Pika!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

I made it with my bum

I don't really carry pencils around with me anymore but when I saw this pencil case on the Ohhh Deer website by Gemma Correll I thought I could find a purpose for it. At the moment I'm using it as a sunglasses case.

Friday, 14 November 2014

50 Shades of Mustard

I noticed this morning that my rail has got a bit of a yellow vibe at the moment.
So while impatiently waiting for the postman I made a little edit of my fave mustard bits I've picked up this October/November:

L-R: Another 8 Johnny Jacket, H&M Trend geo print dress (eBay), vintage cardigan (eBay), Topshop High Neck Circle Jacquard Top, vintage Next yellow duffel coat (eBay)

Another 8 Johnny Coat
I spotted this coat in the new Topshop in Brighton while passing through to go somewhere else (dammit!) Once I had a feel of it I couldn't let go, its really good quality (very thick/heavyweight). I got a 'small' as this coat comes up bigger due to its boyfriend/cocoon shape so I'd recommend going a size down. Even comes in XS which I might have got away with (I'm a 10-12 UK normally). The Another 8 website doesn't do it justice its great IRL *stroke stroke. Thats a Topshop 'concertina bag' at the end I got earlier this year.

H&M Trend Geo Dress
I picked this up off eBay a few days ago. As soon as I saw it I remembered Solange wore the two piece version for a H&M press night. Plus its from the Trend line at Hennes which is my fave and its a bit 60's, tick tick tick. 

Vintage Cardigan
Picked this up off eBay about a year ago. I've been living in it as its so soft *bobblin*
The scarf is also vintage from eBay a few years ago.

High Neck Circle Jacquard Top
I got this from the Topshop website in an '8' a week or two ago. Ideally would have gone for a 10 but I just about get away with the 8. It appears to be almost sold out on the site but I saw loads of them in the Topshop in Brighton the other day. The High Neck Circle Jacquard Top has a good quality feel. It has a little exposed zip at the back (I'm not a fan of exposed zips) but at least its short. Best worn with something high waist as its a little cropped. Nice structured boxy fit. The necklace is H&M Trend, picked up in the Brighton store this Spring.

Vintage Yellow Duffle
I kept getting an advert on my side bar appearing for M. Night Shyamalan's movie 'The Village' and I'm fairly certain this subconsciously influenced my desire for a yellow duffle coat. I took an eBay gamble on this old Next one and won it at the 99p starting bid, so after postage it cost about £6. It's a 'medium' but pretty big, I like its awkward oversizing though. I need to get around to dry cleaning it as it does need some vintage souls exorcising out of it. £6 though...£6

Kitti Quay Sunglasses
I thought these looked nice on top of the H&M dress. I bought these peach Quay Australia glasses towards the end of the Summer on eBay. So aesthetically pleasing to look at...them curves...ohhh.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

What I've been reading

The Humans - Matt Haig 
This has been a favourite. It did 'go off on one' a bit at points towards the end and seem a little laboured out but some of the premises at the beginning made up for that.  This blunt take on humans from an alien perspective reminded me a bit of Don in the Rosie Project which made it all the more charming. I believe the alien occupation of the protagonist is also a metaphor for a mental collapse and theres a couple of philosophical notions in there.

The Girl With All The Gifts - M.R, Carey 
At first I wasn't sure about this one, I was worried it was all going to be based in the one place and couldn't see where it was going to go, but once the pace picked up and the characters got on the move I really got into it. In some ways it was similar to The Walking Dead but with the complication of there being child zombies who are still half human (although that wouldn't phase Carol) Be warned its all pretty glib being the apocalypse…and a bit gruesome. I liked it. 

If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch 

If You Find Me might be a little heavy for some as the core of it is child abuse but its very poetic and I did enjoy the story becoming clear. The characters are created really well. It reminded me a little of 'Room' by Emma Donoghue in the sense that its about growing up away from society and then the shock of being surrounded by people for the first time.

I'd recommend The Girl With All The Gifts the most out of these. I'm currently reading another post apocalyptic book The Knife Of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, Yey! End of the world!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Moomin Shop - London

"I'll take you to the Moomin Shop" (50 Cent...Candy Shop) 

I was looking up places to buy Moomin bits in Japan and found there is a Moomin shop in London. I went up to Covent Garden to bask in all its Moominess. A few of the bits I picked up are at the bottom. They have some plastic cutlery which is cheaper to buy but still satisfying to look at...

Classy Christmas decorations Covent Garden, classy.

2 x Moomin coasters, Snufkin magnet, 2 x plastic Moomin plates, Moomin plastic cup, Moomin pens

Passed the cake test