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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Video: Bby sitting Odie

When the sun is shining picking up Odie from her house is a pleasure ʕʔ

Ready 2 go

Ah...what day is it soon, I dunno

Sometimes she won't use those little legs right away 

This car: a pleasure to walk past

This shop front: a pleasure to walk past

Brunswick Sq: a pleasure to walk through

Them whites of the eyes, she work it

When you hear the bark outside

so in love

I would give this morning with Odie 8 out of 10

Theres a little vid below

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Copenhagen - Yayoi Kusama

I went with my buddy @hsb_vv to Copenhagen for the final weekend of the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the Louisiana Museum. It was pretty hectic being the end of the installation. So it was kinda hard to be "at one with the art" but it was still fabulous ʕʔ

The Louisiana is about 20-30 mins on a train outside the centre of Copenhagen overlooking the Baltic sea. The canteen was great in there too. I had some sort of mushroom sandwich. I do not like mushrooms. This is a common option used to punish vegetarians. The bread had lots of nuts in it which probably means its was v.healthy. The brownie was really good in there too, probably one of the best. There was no time for a picture as we ate pretty quick after all the walking round the exhibition.

Danes are really nice peeps too, every time we looked a little bit lost someone would offer (offer!) to show us where to go. Here are some pics from the weekend  ʅʕ••ʔʃ

The lady this exhibition is all about 

I think we were allowed about 6-7 seconds in the "Infinity Room" (above) busy times, 
ain't nobody got time for infinity

yep woods right

Being a veggie  (I had one airport hotdog) I find that weekends away involve eating chips but Copenhagen was good. We went to an organic pizza place called Neighbourhood. There was only one veg option and the combination was pretty out there (i.e not a 4 cheese). It was something along the lines of orange, fennel, sprouts, mascarpone and liquorice and it was damn good. They make their bases really light and crispy so you can actually finish the pizza...oh and the cocktails... 
ʕ •ʔ

It was friggin -2 but pretty and snow is great photo lighting. So that's ok then.

Our sweet little airbnb x sweet little brownie

On our last half of a day we got an Uber (I'd recommend sticking with Uber over the metro) to the Nyhavn but it was really misty, so probs looks best in the Summer...when its not obscured by clouds.

We wanted to go to Tivoli Gardens at night too but it was closed!

I would give Copenhagen 8 out of 10

Check out the Vlog below for more of the same (×)