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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Twinkle Tights

The other evening I remembered seeing some jewel embellished tights once and did an eBay search and found these.  I got some in black too, not sure when I will wear them in the outside world but I like looking at them and stroking them every now and then. That will do.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Cat Mugs

I had a friends wedding this Summer and I only just got around to getting them a wedding present (so bad!) They really like cats so...that gave me an excuse to buy a pair of these for them.

You can buy these from TickledTealBoutique on Etsy. They came pretty quick and there was no customs charges. YES.

The Rupert The Bear style scarf in the background I picked up on eBay

Return of The Walking Dead


I've bought a few of these as presents for friends from Marcie Bowers at Teesquare and finally got two myself. 

Maybe Carol is deserving of one after the performance she put on in the season five opener. It seemed American viewers didn't agree with the quick poll on Talking Dead...

Whut? Chris Hardwick doesn't get that either (luv u xris)

She rescued everyone from Terminus and even had time for a shower in a building that was under siege with flaming zombies! Nope still not good enough. 

Pre siege: Fabulous

Post siege: So fresh, so clean

To be fair I wouldn't want to be covered in blood and excrement when getting a hug from Daryl either.