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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Upcycle: Ikea Barometer Desk Lamp

I've had my Ikea Barometer Desk Lamp (in red) for a while and wanted to update the colour.  

I thought this post might be more helpful as a point of reference when seeing how this particular colour and spray brand turns out IRL. I find there aren't enough 'results' pictures when you are looking at paint colours so posts like this can help when you are perusin' google images. 

I did buy the Rust-Oleum white primer spray too but that didn't turn up so in the end I went without using a primer because I'm impatient and I had everything set up dammit!

You might need...

A cheap tarpaulin if you are spraying indoors. These are great, they are strong and so cheap. You get ripped off in DIY stores so get one on eBay - £1.79 including postage (!)

A face mask to cut down on inhaling the fumes

Windows open 

Sand paper

First I put some masking tape on the inside to cover the holes so the paint doesn't go inside near the fittings

Then I gave the whole lamp a bit of a rubdown with some sandpaper so the paint will stick. Well...at first I did try and cheat and just put the paint straight on... but that wasn't working so I gave in and did my sanding duties *sigh*

Now it was a little rough I could shake the can and get spray painting *tissssssssss* 
Do wear a mask if you are doing this indoors and make sure its in the middle of the room (my phone did get caught in the crossfire) Make sure the windows are open as the spray can make you feel a little sick and light headed. Its touch dry in 20 minutes and solid dry in 24hrs. It didn't turn out too bad considering I tend to ruin everything I touch when it comes to DIY. 

I tried the spray on this 50p ceramic Oradd Ikea plant pot too (no sanding necessary)