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Friday, 25 July 2014

Edited Brighton

Thanks to Zoella giving us a peak into her living room I discovered there are some new shops in the Laines that I didn't know existed. I tend to shop mostly online and rarely leave the flat if possible, but I had to venture into town to pick up one of these:

Yeah science!

My friend has recently moved house with her boyfriend...a science teacher...so it had to be done!

There's lots of stuff I would love to have too, lovely shop and great service. Check them out if you are ever in Brighton. They are in the North Laines not far from the station

Edited Brighton Website


Thursday, 24 July 2014

OOTD: Floral Midi

Lil' Odie got involved in today's OOTD

I've been picking up lots of cashmere/angora mix jumpers off eBay at the moment, they go great with midi skirts and feel NICE. This Cream/beige sweater is originally M&S - search for cashmere or angora sweaters on eBay. You can sometimes pick them up in auction for less than £10

The skirt is H&M and chiffon layered, I found this on eBay too, I love the illustration on the bottom half.

The black and white brogues are Miss Selfridge, picked them up recently on eBay, brand new too

Green ribbon in hair is just from a fabric shop - 70p!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Whitepepper

I think I first came across THEWHITEPEPPER through the TopShop website. I ended up on their official site this weekend (thanks to Tumblr) and bought their Button Through Midi Skirt and the Retro Round Frame Sunglasses in Leopard.

I've been looking for a high waist denim skirt on eBay for a bit but not found the right one. I think I will get a lot of wear out of this one as its not heavy or restrictive. I'm normally a 28" so went for the 10-12, thought it might be on the tight side but I still had room to spare so *thumbs up.

I really liked the design of the shades, not sure many will think they are the easiest to wear/carry off, but I do like awkward shapes and cuts..even if they are not the most flattering.

I ordered on Monday and the items arrived next day! Currently there is free UK delivery and 10% off your first buy on the site

Blouse: Vintage - eBay
Skirt: TopShop high waist yellow midi - eBay

Thursday, 10 July 2014

TBT: Australia 2014

February this year I went over to Australia. I've been meaning to put a few pics up since. I stayed in Melbourne (St.Kilda) and Sydney for around 3 weeks. These pics are taken at Sydney Botanical Gardens, Taronga Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, Sorrento and Half Moon Bay (Melbourne). I really liked Melbourne its a lot like Brighton. The dog is my sisters Labradoodle; Millie. Sorry if my pics are a bit boring! Miss u Australia's (and Millie) x