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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Bow Blouses

I needed some bow blouses in my life and the shops weren't stocking any reasonably priced ones
┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ )

This turned out to be a good thing as two of the blouses featured are in fact off eBay and cost me a few quid instead. Take that £400 Topshop Boutique range! (・`ェ´・)つ

At the bottom of this post there are some tips on finding blouses like this on eBay.
The black cord dungaree dress is an old Primark one (they tend to float about on eBay too)

I've nicknamed this one 'Wendy Meakin' you will only understand this reference if you watch Four Rooms, if not, you can call it Alexa Chung. Found on eBay It's by a brand called 'Lexicon' (if you want to try find this exact one). Its a structured white shirt with a front ruffle and a built in skinny bow. I like the fact its not see-through, don't want anything to distract from the bow yo.
This cost £9 including postage (^▽^)

Also found on eBay this one reminds me a bit of an air hostess or someone selling popcorn in a cinema. Its soft and light and the bow is also built into the collar really well. Great quality and it actually smelt really nice for vintage. Again not see-through! Celebrate!
This cost me £5.50 including postage (^▽^)

This blouse is a current high street number from Zara. The print reminds me of William Morris wallpaper and I love the colours. I think Zara are quickly becoming my fave high street shop at the moment, they seem to do all the right things and don't always charge as much as perhaps Topshop would try and get away with. The Suede pinafore in red is also from Zara.
This cost £29.99 and is available here  (^▽^)

eBay tips

eBay initially will show a lot of new items from Asia. I prefer to buy second hand high street brands as I'm familiar with their fit and quality and delivery will be quicker. Filtering is pretty necessary to cut out the thousands of generic items from international dealers. I often use the eBay app as its just easy to dip in and out of if I get an idea in my head.

1. Name it: If you are looking for a bow blouse for example it might be keyworded in different ways, terms like "vintage" "ruffle" "peter pan collar" "bow" "60s" "victorian" "lace" might help. Often the bargains are found with the fewer keywords as no one else finds them!

2. Refine it: This is where filtering comes in handy. So you search "bow blouse" or even just "blouse" then go to "Refine" and choose these options to cut out the amount of international listings showing up:

Sort by: "Ending soonest" (it's about to end, woo!)

Condition: "Used" (cuts out all the brand new generic buy it now listings from dealers)

Buying format: "Auction" (theres a good chance you might nab something at the starting bid)

Item Location: "United Kingdom only" eBay is sneaky with this one. It defaults to "On eBay.co.uk" this does not necessarily mean the item is actually in the UK. International sellers want you to buy and will make the item appear to be in your country when really it is in China.

Price: You can narrow the results to show you anything under a fiver for example.

3. Watch it: Add what you like to your 'Watch List' or if there is nothing there for now you can "follow the search" and it stores it in your "Following" section so you can check up on this result and get notifications if something specific you are looking for is listed.

4. Snipe it: Most mornings I check my Watch List and see whats ending that day, if I still like it I will add a snipe to the auction so my highest bid is put down in the last 3 seconds, without me having to be present. I use a snipe app called "ibidder" which is available on android. Fully supported by eBay and never lets me down! Its like having a little assistant to put your bids down in the final moments, which is the best time to do it. Don't show your cards too early!