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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Colour Contact Lenses

I bought some coloured lenses from Pinky Paradise a few weeks ago and have finally got around to trying them out. I got the GBT Green and the Venus Eye Blue.
I normally wear contacts and I'm a -2.50 so I'm use to putting them in (just about) but if you are new to contacts you will find this tricky ( I still remember my first time) so be careful not to drop them on the floor. I also use an alcohol antiseptic hand gel between taking them in and out as I've been told off recently by the eye doctor man for not being nice to my eyeballs.

They arrived to my UK address really quick and you get tracking too. This is what the set looks like when it arrives

You get a little hippo eye case for keeping them in and each pair of lenses come in a jar. Now be careful with opening these jars, because once you lose the metal pull and find you have to prise the rest of the top off it gets pretty dangerous. I cut my thumb doing this, so avoid using contact with the skin if you find you have to pull the bendy metal lid off with your hands. You then pour the contacts into your hippo's and you are good to go.

Photo's have not been enhanced and I didn't Photoshop my skin so you can get the best idea of how they look in natural light. Their website shows real life examples of people wearing them off Facebook too. I naturally have hazel (green/brown) eyes which will be the first pic.

My eyes with no lenses (natural colour hazel)

My eyes with the Venus Blue lenses

My eyes with the GBT Green

Hope this gives you an idea of how they turn out and I haven't scared anyone. They are comfortable enough but not something you would wear everyday more for one off occasions ;)

Bell x