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Friday, 4 April 2014

Acrylic Nails - 1st attempt

I'm trying to get my head around how people are doing all those really good DIY manicures at the moment so I'm going to start with messing around myself. I was quoted £50 (!) for my nails to done in a local nail salon so I thought I would give it a go myself first. It's something that will take a few attempts to get right. I did actually try one time before this and spilt the glue all over my desk - nail fail. So be careful as this glue is lethal if it gets anywhere you don't want it to, it looks so innocent in that little bottle.

Here are the bits I've got so far

False nails: £1.89 eBay
80 grit nail file 80p local Sallys
Acrylic nail glue: £2.79 eBay (2 bottles)
Tweezers (found I didn't use these much in the end)

You can snip the little tabs off these nails with scissors and then file them down to shape, check them against your finger to see which fits best

Some will fit right without any shaping, or at least thats what I found with the little finger, I'm not even sure I was putting the right shape on the correct finger. Prepare to spend at least an hour doing this as these are shaped by filing them with the 80 grit file.

This glue in particular runs like water so be careful, the bottle is light and easily knocked over so I was a lot more careful with it this time. When I knocked the glue over I thought throwing tissue paper on it would clear it up (erm...) and it started to sizzle and smoke (!) so its probably best to leave it to dry if it spills as it should dry clear. 

I thought I would use tweezers to stop the glue sticking to my skin but found just making sure you glue the end that goes to the base of the nail and avoiding the tip (so you can pick it up) works. This glue dries in seconds so you have to be really fast closing the bottle and getting the nail on (hold down for 15 seconds) The brush almost dries and sticks to the nail as you paint the glue on!

Here it is on, you can shape some more on the tip once its stuck. These acrylics seem to be a little transparent

They were done in about 45mins - 1hr, not perfect, but not bad for a first full attempt. I want to work more on shaping around the cuticle. I think I might have to look into gel nails next

They feel pretty secure, although it does feel weird. I filed them fairly short as I've got pretty long fingers and hands as it is! Links to a good tutorial/method are welcome

Bell x