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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Halloween Black Magic Cat Melt

For my birthday I received one of these Yankee Candle wax burners and quickly got obsessed with finding different wax scents/ tarts to melt on it. ヽ(๏∀◕ )ノ

I find the scent a lot stronger using wax tarts as opposed to scented candles. So far I think the most effective wax tarts are from Candlewick Greens. I've bought wax melts from various shops and they aren't always very accurate or strong when burnt. CG has been the best so far.

However I did find these black magic cat melts on eBay and the scent on these is pretty good too. They are really intricately shaped for a handmade product *hats off to the seller*

Whenever I put one on I get Little Mix's Black Magic stuck in my head though (⊙_⊙’)

I think the seller has since sold out but will link to the original listing

Also check out Candlewick Greens