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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Day out of Tokyo: Hakone

We got outside of Tokyo for a day to see Mount Fuji from Hakone. We were really lucky it was a clear one as it was actually grey and raining that day in Tokyo. ʕ̫͡ʔ

We got the Odakyu railway from Shinjuku, I think it cost 6000 Yen for a return but that also covered the trains, coaches, rope way and pirate boat (yes) in the area. Their trains are really nice and if you download the special Odakyu app you can get access to free Wifi on the train. (・∀・)

Most importantly I discovered the Hokuo bakery in Shinjuku station which has loads of pastry/cake options and... bear. muffins. ʕʔ Unfortunately I had to cave in and eat it towards the end of the day as supplies were running low and most of my team had died off. 
Bear Muffin #neverforget

Yes yes Mount Fuji looking nice. But: Bear Muffin.  ʕ •ʔ 

Was really nice to see some of the concrete free side of Japan. Although the trip up one of the mountains involved a lot of sulphur emitting from the rocks...that turned my stomach a bit. There were some nice ice creams up there though so I forgive u volcanic mountain ʕ ʔ

Toxic sulfuric air? No problem ʕ̫͡ʔ *lick lick

Bear in mind that if you are thinking of visiting a onset (hot spring or public pool) you will need to cover your tattoo's (you hideous beast). There wasn't any bathing going down on my visit, but had I gone for a dip I would have had to have worn some sort of long sleeve top. There is a bit of an outdated belief that tattoo's are linked exclusively to the Yakuza in Japan which means public baths ban them being on show (and might charge you a fair bit to buy something to cover them up)

The day ended with a casual pirate boat ride across the lake where you could get clear views of Mount Fuji, tres bon, nice nice, but it wasn't a muffin with a bear face.

 I think I melted into my bed when I got home ⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎